Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1773 Baltimore Tax Records (Parrish only plus a few others)

I recently reviewed the 1773 tax records for Baltimore County and found the following Parrishes listed.  You'll note that there are quite clearly two Joseph's.  Most likely, one is the Joseph Parrish born in 1724, son of William (1678-1771) & Susannah who married Cassandra Talbott.  My guess is the other is his nephew, and likely the man who married Charity Bosley in 1768.

It's worth noting Pipe Creek Hundred was located approximately in current day Carroll County and abutted Piney Creek Hundred (where Joshua's wife Barbara Timble lived). 

Middle River Upper Hundred
-Edward Parish (listed in a way that makes him seem like a single freeman)

-Amon Price (possible brother of Merryman?)

Mine Run Hundred
-Joseph Parish
-Edward Parish
-William Parrish
---Nicholas Parrish (under Will)
---Slave Dick North Hundred
-John Parish
-John Parish (same as above? different page)
----Mordecai Parish

Patapsco Lower Hundred
-Aberilah Merryman, widow

Pipecreek Hundred
-Joseph Parrish
-William Parrish
----William Ginkins (listed w/William Parrish)

2nd page, Pipecreek (different writing style)
-William Galbraith (any relation to Robert in Shirley twp, PA?)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

John Parrish and Sarah Belt marriage

I'm attempting to find evidence of the supposed marriage between a John Parrish and a Sarah Belt circa 1800 in Huntingdon County, PA.  The Boyd book on the Parrish family has this nuptial listed, however they give no evidence as to how they know about it.  And although errors have been unearthed in the genealogy in the years since the book was written, it is still a well-researched book and I cannot believe a rather insignificant person would have a marriage record fabricated (please note I say insignificant not to diminish this John Parrish but in order to show that this John was so far removed from Boyd as to be insignificant to him in his ancestral research.

Anyway, so if anyone has any knowledge as to where this couple's proof of marriage is located, I'd sincerely appreciate it! :)