Sunday, January 12, 2014

John Parrish and Sarah Belt marriage

I'm attempting to find evidence of the supposed marriage between a John Parrish and a Sarah Belt circa 1800 in Huntingdon County, PA.  The Boyd book on the Parrish family has this nuptial listed, however they give no evidence as to how they know about it.  And although errors have been unearthed in the genealogy in the years since the book was written, it is still a well-researched book and I cannot believe a rather insignificant person would have a marriage record fabricated (please note I say insignificant not to diminish this John Parrish but in order to show that this John was so far removed from Boyd as to be insignificant to him in his ancestral research.

Anyway, so if anyone has any knowledge as to where this couple's proof of marriage is located, I'd sincerely appreciate it! :)