DNA Results

This is just a short blurb on the y-DNA results of Joshua's direct paternal line descendants.  From ydna tests, we know that Joshua is indeed a Parrish by birth.  This helps because now we know he wasn't the illegitimate son of a Parrish daughter and he didn't just change his name.  This at least takes out some of the guess-work.

Currently there are several different known Parrish DNA lineages.  It is known Joshua is related to the Parrishes who were living in Maryland, some of the ones who were living in Virginia, the Philadelphia Parrishes, as well as the diaspora that followed, taking different members on to Ohio, Illinois, among other states.  Joshua's descendants are sort of a genetic in-between for the Virginia & Maryland families.  Possibly this could point to Joshua being a descendant of another later immigrant cousin, or it could just mean anyone else who would test closer, haven't tested yet.  He is genetically distant from the Philadelphia branch, so that is definitely not the right group.

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