His Children

This is the list of Joshua & Barbara's children as I believe they were born.  Some are definite, however the early births are not.  When it's not a definite fact, I will note along with my reasoning behind my belief.

1.  John H. Parrish
born about 1794

NOTES: John seems to have been the black sheep of the family.  It is my belief he was the eldest son.  I will explain in depth later, but several items have lead me to this conclusion.  Still, John's age wavers throughout records, with birth years as late as 1800 being attributed to him.  Supposedly John died in 1886, but he's not in the 1880 census, he has no will, no headstone, and no obituary.  He married 3 times (Mary McKinzie, Mary Flanigan, Magdalena Bertram).

2.  George Michael Parrish
born 28 July 1795

NOTES: George was named after his mother's father, George Timble.  He died young, leaving a wife and several small children.

3.  James Peter Parrish
born 1797

4.  Joseph Parrish
born 4 May 1800

5.  Thomas Augustine Parrish
born 20 Feb 1804

6.  Elizabeth Mary Parrish
born 5 Sept 1806

NOTES: Elizabeth Mary appears to have been named after her mother's two sisters.  She married David O'Hara.  In the 1880 census, she claims both of her parents were born in Maryland.

7.  Mary Sophia Parrish
born 18 May 1810

NOTES: Mary Sophia appears to be named after her mother's sister Mary and their mother Sophia Timble (later Reindollar).  In the 1880 census, Mary Storm (married name) claimed both of her parents were born in Pennsylvania.

8.  Peter Benedict Parrish
born 30 June 1814


  1. Hello,
    I'm following your blog because my great-great grandmother was Catherine Mathilda Parrish, daughter of Peter Sylvester Parrish (1837-1920). I have Peter S. listed as the son of John Peter Parrish (1796-1886), which seems to match up with the dates you have for John H. Parrish as the son of Joshua Parrish. John P. Parrish is listed as a subscriber to the building of the Saint Joseph's Church in the Cambria County archives (http://www.usgwarchives.net/pa/cambria/chur-st-joseph-01.html), so it's possible that my John Peter Parrish is your John H. Parrish.
    I found some interesting notes on this old post in a research thread, if you're interested in more information about John (http://boards.ancestry.com/localities.northam.usa.states.pennsylvania.counties.cambria/4299/mb.ashx). Apparently he owned a tavern on the Cresson turnpike.
    Good luck in your search--if I come up with anything, I'll be sure to pass it along.

    1. Hi Esther!

      What a coincidence, I'm also descended from Peter Sylvester Parrish, through his son Joseph Nicholas Parrish. Joseph was my grandmother's grandfather.

      John H. Parrish had a son John Peter Parrish from his first marriage, I think they were confused for one another quite a bit.

      Additionally, I'll note that I'm now 100% sure John was older than George. I was recently up in Ebensburg looking at tax records and found John listed on the "single freemen's list" in 1816 (which was recorded in Dec 1815) giving him a birth year of approximately 1794. George on the other hand doesn't appear until 1818.

      And thanks! Hopefully we'll find the connection back to Joshua's parents soon :)