About His Wife

This is what's known about his wife and her family.  Her parents are another enigma, but that's for another time.

Barbara Timble (or as she's often referred to, Barbary) was born the 27th of February, 1770, making her roughly 9 months older than her husband, Joshua Parrish.  She was the eldest of three daughters born to Johannis George Timble (Timbel) and his wife Sophia.  Their other two children were Elizabeth Timble, born in 1772 and Mary Timble born in 1774.

Elizabeth would marry Peter Yingling and move to Cambria county, like her elder sister Barbara.  Mary, on the other hand never married.  In the 1820 census, she was living in Abbotstown, Adams County, PA, and in 1830 she was in Berwick, Adams County, PA.  It appears she died between 1830 and 1840 as she isn't found in the 1840 census.

It is unknown exactly where Barbara was born.  Supposedly her father was a Hessian soldier, and I do have his arrest record in Albany, NY in 1778 as a "Hessian deserter from the British Army", but he was only held 3 days before he was released due to "lack of evidence".  Add to that, the fact that he hasn't been found in the Hessian records and that it doesn't make much sense for him to have a wife & 3 children from before the war, and it could be that he was arrested out of anti-German sentiment and not that he was actually a Hessian soldier.  Another theory of mine is that perhaps George (likely a recent German immigrant) was a spy for the colonists and that was why he was released after 3 days.

In any case, presumably Barbara was born in either Germany or Maryland.  However, since we know George was in New York in 1778, it's possible they were originally from the New York area.  In any case I'm nearly 100% certain George was born in Germany.

George Timble would die between 1783 and 1786 in Silver Run, Frederick County, MD (now Carroll County).    George was in the middle of purchasing a portion of a piece of land called Dyer's Mill Forest.  Sophia would eventually settle the purchase herself.  The Yingling's (Peter included) also lived on another portion of Dyer's Mill Forest.  After George's death, Sophia would go on to marry a man named George Reindollar (various spellings) which is where we find her and her 3 daughters in the 1790 census:

1790 census:
Frederick, Maryland
George Rinedollar
1 white male > 16
4 white females

1800 census:
Westminster, Frederick, Maryland
Sophia Rinedollar
2 white females 16-25
1 white female >45

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